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Fitness Freak

Fitness Freak

No one could ever accuse me of being a fitness freak although I try and stay healthy by eating well and I walk a lot. I have, however, come to a time in my life where short shorts are not my friend and the humble carrot is not going to tone up my arms....unless of course, they weigh about 15 pounds and I lifted them three times a day. So what to do? Styling Mrs Oliver suggests.....

Getting the right gym kit that is not only comfortable and flattering regardless of how many pounds you think you need to shed or wobbly bits to tone, the outfit will not only get you in the mood but also give confidence. My first ever session in the gym was in a tee shirt that kept riding up and a pair of sloppy leggings that revealed a builders bum, neither put me in the right head space: so let's get the outfit right.  What are the key components to a great fitness capsule?

Styling Mrs Oliver selects favourite items from Lululemon, Nike and Adidas

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My first experience of buying Lululemon was years ago in LA where the vibe has always been the same, wake up at 5 am for a super juice, look very cool in Lulu gear and hit the gym, beach or yoga studio and do a work-out. Clearly, I am very late in the game to catch on this concept, having preferred PM activities over early AM, I now find myself on struggle street trying to embrace my new fitness routine. I wake up very early but tend to find myself on Google at 5.30am v a running machine. 

Where to work out? My latest discovery is Physiocore, it has left me unable to walk after the first few sessions but has to be the most efficient workout I have ever done. Wobbly wings have not disappeared yet, so continued commitment is required as there is serious movement when I wave, but the pain seems to be worth it. The essence of this exercise is the slower the exercises, the more efficient it is and uses a combination of pilates and torture to great music to gain excellent results. So aside from my inability to walk for two days afterwards, this will ease with time, and I will rely less on lycra to look trim as I go on. 

Details for classes are here:

If Physiocore is not accessible to you, there are some easy exercises to do at home that will revolutionise key areas so you can see instant results. I will be posting some tips in the next couple of weeks from my personal trainer friend Alice who always looks amazing and has the fitness abilities of an Olympic athlete compared to me.

Kick-start the new year with some new fitness routines and enjoy your holidays! 


 Photo:   Life with me
 Leggings -   Lululemon

Leggings - Lululemon

 Adidas Stan Smith -   Top Shop

Adidas Stan Smith - Top Shop

 Perfect tank -  Lululemon

Perfect tank -Lululemon

 Short shorts -   Lululemon

Short shorts - Lululemon

 Metallic trim Adidas - see   @adidasoriginals

Metallic trim Adidas - see @adidasoriginals

 Adidas track pants -   Top shop

Adidas track pants - Top shop

 White hoodie -      Lululemon

White hoodie - Lululemon

 Nike Trainers -   Amazon

Nike Trainers - Amazon

Merry Christmas from Styling Mrs Oliver! xx

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Feminine Touch

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