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Six Men's - Style Shirts.

Six Men's - Style Shirts.

An oversized crisp shirt is where it is at! Styling Mrs Oliver selects six shirts for you to wear; unbuttoned with a flash of lace, rolled up sleeves or super long cuffs. How do you like to wear your men's style shirt? 

“A woman can be over dressed but never over elegant.”  - Coco Chanel

check blue shirt

Dion Lee Signature mesh shirt

Bassike long oversized shirt

Toteme pale blue cotton shirt

Acne oversized white shirt

Michael Kors extended cuff check shirt

Top Shop pale pink stripe

Borrow from a man friend! I am wearing my husband's business shirts; they are way too big but with rolled up sleeves they look great and create a relaxed look. Wearing them crisp and white with nothing else is a good 80's supermodel way (no other way possible) to pad around the house, wear as a cover up on the beach, or over a skinny leg jean.


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